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Carbondale hosts IHSA journalism sectional

CARBONDALE (WSIL) — Aspiring journalists gathered in Southern Illinois for an IHSA journalism sectional competition at SIU.

Several high school students showcased their journalism and writing skills in multiple categories including advertising, copy-editing, feature writing and broadcast news reporting.

Meridian High School journalism advisor Sheila Moore says the competition is a great way for students to hone their writing skills while also learning how to network.

"For us, this event gives us the opportunity to compete with abasing schools cause that’s not something you get to do everyday," Moore said.

Case Jaukkuri is one of Moore’s students who says he enjoys reporting out in the field.

"The most fun part is going out and being able to talk to people because I do story packages so I like being able to go and be on camera and talk," Jaukkiuri said.

You can find results from Saturday’s section by clicking here. The state final competition will be Friday, April 26 at Heartland Community College in Bloomington.

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