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Flooding continues to cause problems for road crews

ALEXANDER COUNTY (WSIL) — For more than a month, flooding has been a major concern for road crews. 

Ever since the Len Small Levee breached in 2016, water covering roads has been a major issue when the Mississippi River is up. On Tuesday, the highway department brought in rip rap to try to save Promise Land Road off Route 3. 

"We are putting the rock back on the edge of the road from where the water has ran across and cut the soil away and it’s trying to cut the center of the road out also," said David Stevens.

Stephens works as a laborer with the department and says all day Tuesday crews have been hauling in rock. 

"All three trucks are running about five to six loads a day, which is 14 tons a load, so you’re talking about 225 to 250 tons a day that we are putting along the side of this road," said Stevens. 

Stevens said the highway department had to close three more roads Tuesday because there are still issues, despite the flood gates being up.

"The water on the inside of the levee is steadily getting deeper because we can’t open the flood gates to let the water out into the river because the river is up," said Stevens. 

The water is still rising, but when it finally goes down, Stevens says the highway department will be busy every day fixing damaged roads. 

The Mississippi River at Thebes is expected to rise about another foot before water levels drops near the end of the week. 

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