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Joppa school officials speak out on how they handle threats

JOPPA (WSIL) — School officials speak out on how they handle threats. Dozens of schools are shut down in Colorado due to what officials have called a credible safety threat. Superintendent Bill Biggerstaff says he takes all threats to schools, students, and staff very seriously. 

"It’s tragic that people use school venue to do those kinds of harm," said Biggerstaff. 

On April 5, Maple Grove Elementary had a scare of a possible shooter.

Biggerstaff explained, "The elementary students, teachers, and the staff did exactly what they were supposed to do and did just a fantastic job and they took it very seriously." 

Illinois State Police is investigating after a bullet hit a school worker outside the building. Nobody else was hurt.

"We don’t want to panic students and staff but we do want them to be prepared in case something does happen," Biggerstaff explained. 

Biggerstaff says he believes the situation was handled professionally, "We’re totally grateful to law enforcement for their quick response." 

According to analysis done by CNN, there were 288 school shootings in the United States from 2009 – May 2018.

Biggerstaff says statistics like that have him on alert, "We certainly hope that it never happens in your school but you can never tell."

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