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Camel owner tests pet store policy

WSIL — It seems some owners of unusual pets are out to test the in-store pet policies of pet stores.

Some visitors to a PetSmart in Michigan got quite a surprise when a man and his pet camel, Jeffrey strolled in.

Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo shared the video of "Jeffrey" making his way through the aisles of the pet store with owner Scott Lewis. 

PetSmart has a list of pets accepted in-store on its website. It includes cats, dogs, pot-bellied pigs, and sugar gliders, but not camels.

Petco, on the other hand, has a policy that states "All leashed pets are welcome. Last month, a man in Texas tested that policy by bringing his 1,600-pound steer into the store. The store welcomed the man and steer in with open arms and even posted about it on the company Facebook page.

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