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Marion mayor hires first-ever chief of staff

MARION (WSIL) — The first-ever chief of staff for the mayor of Marion started work on Tuesday. 

Mayor Mike Absher and the council appointed Marion native Cody Moake to the position during a council meeting Monday night. 

Moake said he has worked at the the state and county government levels. 

One of his previous jobs was overseeing the day-to-day operations at the Williamson County’s State’s Attorney Office. 

Moake said Absher reached out to him about the position because of his experience in government. 

"He wanted someone to help him through this, that didn’t have the sole powers like a city administrator would, but more like an extension of himself," Moake said. "My role is to help him with his vision and if along the way I have something that I think is essential that can benefit the tax paying residents of Marion, then I think that’s something he’s willing to entertain as well."

Moake said at this time Absher does not plan on hiring a city administrator. 

Moake lives in Marion with his wife Rachel and his 16-month-old daughter Abbie. 

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