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8 week program to help quit smoking

PERRY COUNTY (WSIL) — As state lawmakers and stores like Walmart raise the minimum age to buy tobacco products and e-cigarettes to 21, health officials in our region started an eight week program to help people fight the urge to smoke.

Eric Campbell from Pinckneyville Community Hospital says it’s not easy to break a habit and breaking an addiction is even more challenging. 

"We figured when we started this program if we can just get one person to quit we made a difference," said Campbell. 

Campbell says they had about a dozen people signed up, but only one completed it. Campbell adds he understands breaking a habit that involves nicotine isn’t easy that’s why he hopes programs like this one helps.

The state of Illinois, and stores like Walmart changed the minimum age to buy tobacco products to 21. Health experts like Campbell say that’s a good start. 

He adds, "I think their mind is fully developed and a little bet more wiser and older."

Campbell says tobacco is dangerous and any way to get people to quit is beneficial, "If you quit smoking now and you got some of those disease you’re going to start feeling better in a period of time."

Officials at Pinckneyville Community Hospital are working on hosting another eight week program sometime this fall. 

If you or someone you know needs help quitting tobacco you can call Illinois tobacco quit line at (866) 784-8937.

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