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NASA satellite shows flooding from space

WSIL — Major flooding continues along the Mississippi River, but the river is expected to begin falling over the next few days in St. Louis, Chester, and Cape Girardeau after holding steady through the weekend. 

NASA captured an image on May 7th from its Operational Land Imager (OLI) on Landsat 8 highlighting the major flooding ongoing near St. Louis. 

Comparing the image from May 7th to an image taken on June 5, 2018 really showcases the differences. The images were composed from a combination of infrared and visible light in order to better distinguish water that is out of the river banks and on the floodplains.

As of May 13th, there were 32 gauges in "Major Flood Stage" in the United States and 89 gauges in "Moderate Flood Stage". Most of the major flooding was ongoing along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers in the country’s midsection. 

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