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Farmers battle rain and crop insurance deadlines

(WSIL) — Heavy rain and flooding impacting homes and businesses along the river is also putting a significant strain on farmers. This is the last day farmers can plant corn before they begin to see insurance reductions.

"It’s been very tough decisions, you know, sitting down at the desk the last few days and trying to figure out whether it’s going to pencil out to go ahead and put that corn crop on some of those acres or not put that corn crop out," says Randy Anderson, a Galatia farmer.

Anderson also says thanks to the rain he had to make the decision to stop planting corn on Monday.  He only got two thirds of what he intended to plant into the ground.

Anderson explains, "It’s been probably 15 to 20 years since we experienced a spring similar to this, it wasn’t quite as bad, we were always able to get a few more acres than we have at this present time."

June 5th marks the last day farmers have to get corn in the ground to receive maximum insurance coverage.  We spoke to multiple crop insurance agents across the region Wednesday who were swamped with calls from local farmers. 

Ashley Bramlet with Farm Credit Illinois says she’s even working on vacation.

Bramlet says, "We are actually fielding all kinds of questions about Prevent Plant with crop insurance, there’s all kinds of different rules and regulations that we have to go by."

After June 5th farmers will have a handful of options to choose from when moving forward. 

Bramlet explains, "If you have crop insurance then you’re actually covered with something called Prevent Planting and that actually goes ahead and give you a guarantee if you don’t get your crop in the ground."

Anderson says, "It’s been very trying, this situation has and each farm is different and each farmers different."

If farmers do plant after today’s deadline their coverage will be reduced by one percent each day.

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