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Marion Mayor Mike Absher wants to hear from residents

MARION (WSIL) — Just a month into his new job as Mayor of Marion, Mike Absher is listening to residents about what they would like to see from him to improve the city.

Wednesday he took part in the Marion Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn at Heartland Regional Medical Center to hear from concerned residents.

"Its an important opportunity for me to be back in front of what I consider to be a core constituency of people who can actually move our city along," said Mayor Absher. 

Resident Kathi Odum says she wants to see the city grow, by bringing more businesses, "I’d like to see the downtown start and kinda feed out from there. I think a lot of people have a lot of really good ideas, and I think the mayor is up for the challenge."

Richelle Mick, who also lives in Marion, says she’s more concerned about addressing the homeless population, "I drove from the downtown area to my house three nights ago and I counted eight different people."

Mayor Absher says he’s happy residents are voicing their concerns.

"What I am hopeful of is that the conversation that started today just on that topic and many others there’s so many brilliant minds," said Mayor Absher.

Mayor Mike Absher welcomes residents to reach out to him at (618) 997-6281 or by email:

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