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Video shows deputy being struck by train

MIDLAND, Texas (WSIL) — A sheriff’s deputy in Midland County Texas is recovering after he was struck by a train, and it was caught on camera. The deputy was on his way to a call of a baby in distress when he was held up by train. As soon as the train passed, he tried to cross the tracks, and was slammed by a train coming from the other direction.

"You just heard a loud bang, I mean you saw the sirens coming and you saw both trains going back and forth but I don’t even think he saw it," says witness Mike Lopez. 

A gut wrenching moment as Lopez saw the train strike the drivers side and flip over, "I mean he is lucky to be alive, after we saw him walk out we were just amazed by it."

According to the Sheriff Gary Painter it was around 11 a.m. Tuesday that MCSO got a 911 call; a baby was in distress and in need of immediate help. "Stuff happens, and they were doing everything they could to get to the child and help out the family."

Painter says the deputy had his lights on, and didn’t see the other train before crossing the tracks. "They pulled forward to go through and another train going the opposite direction traveling at a high rate of speed they did not see the train and it struck them."

Painter says this sent the first car airborne landing on its side and causing a fellow officer to take action. The officer in the car behind him "pulled the other officer out of the windshield. Got him out and got him on an ambulance"

According to Sheriff Painter the Deputy was responsive at the scene and was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. He was checked out to make sure he was okay after taking a hit to the head. Deputies also made it to help the child that was in distress and were able to help the family in time.

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