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NASA: Jupiter and its moons visible this month with binoculars

CARTERVILLE (WSIL) — Sky gazers will have the best opportunity of the year to view the biggest planet in our solar system this month. Jupiter rises at dusk and remains visible all throughout the night. 

While you can see Jupiter with the naked eye, you may want a small telescope or binoculars which will give you a chance to see the big red planet’s four largest moons. According to NASA, you may even be able to see the banded clouds that encircle the planet.

The entire month of June provides great viewing of Jupiter, but on June 10, it will reach opposition, a yearly occurrence when Jupiter, Earth and the Sun are arranged in a line. This puts the planet highest in the sky around midnight. 

Saturn is another bright planet visible throughout the month of June. The planet known for its rings follows Jupiter into the sky by about two hours. Both are visible in the southeastern part of the sky. 

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