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Pilot and passenger walk away from plane crash

JACKSON COUNTY (WSIL) — Southern Illinois Airport officials say a small plane crashed while attempting to land at the airport in Murphysboro on Sunday afternoon. 

Airport Assistant Manager Patrick McDonald said the airport called for mutual aid for an accident at the airport around 1:35 p.m.

Jackson County Ambulance, Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and the Southern Illinois Airport Emergency crews reacted immediately, not knowing the condition of the passengers. 

The pilot and the passenger were both coming from San Diego making a quick stop in southern Illinois before making their way home. 

"This was just a stopping point, apparently he (the pilot) had just purchased the aircraft and was trying to get it back home," McDonald said. 

McDonald said the small aircraft was trying to land when it flipped over, but the good news is the pilot and the passenger were both able to walk away. 

"Any plane crash that you can walk away from is a good one," McDonald said. 

McDonald said the pilot did complain of pain in his wrist, but was not treated. 

"With the minimal amount of damage that happened to the plane, he got very fortunate," McDonald said. "You know that thing could have just crumbled."

A crane was brought in to flip the plane back over. 

McDonald said this type of model aircraft is around 1,400 pounds and can hold two to four people.

He said the plane won’t be back up in the air anytime soon due to the damage and the pending investigation. 

Over the course of the next few days, the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Agency will be at the airport to investigate the cause of the crash. 

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