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Tourists capture scary moment when cracks appear on the Ledge at Willis Tower

CHICAGO (WSIL) — A popular tourist attraction in Chicago is getting more attention now after some scary video was posted to social media. Jesus Pintado posted video to Facebook showing cracks on the glass floor of The Ledge attraction at the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower).

The ledge is a glass box that extends from the 103rd floor of the building and allows visitors to step out and look down onto traffic. According to Skydeck’s Facebook page, the ledge is 1,353 feet in the air, and the glass boxes extend out 4.3 feet.

A spokesperson for Willis Tower issued a statement saying:

The protective coating which acts like a screen protector for the Ledge experienced some minor cracking. No one was ever in danger and the Ledge was immediately closed. We replaced the coating Monday night and the Ledge was open for business as usual yesterday.

The protective coating has cracked before. In May of 2014, tourists were taking photos on The Ledge when the floor beneath them seemed to shatter.

According to WLS, at that time, Willis Tower spokespeople explained the protective coating is designed to keep The Ledge from getting scratched up by visitors.

"It did what it’s supposed to do. It’s designed to crack on those rare situations where there’s some kind of impact to protect the structural piece below," Randy Stancik, Skydeck Chicago general manager, said in 2014. "Never at any time was anybody in any jeopardy here."

Nearly one and a half million people visit the Willis Tower every year.

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