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Williamson County commissioner pushes for new auditor

MARION (WSIL) — A Williamson County commissioner is again calling for a new auditor to help with the county’s finances.

Ron Ellis wants someone else to handle the county’s audits, saying the county is spending too much for the current service.

He also said there’s a conflict of interest since the same accountant is the main budget consultant for the county.

"Nobody is going to convince me otherwise that you should not have a fresh set of eyes looking at your financial records every few years," Ellis said.

Commissioner Brent Gentry said it doesn’t make much sense that Ellis would bring this issue up now.

"There’s a personal issue, I don’t know what it is, but eight years in a row, they were the greatest thing since sliced bread, and now all of a sudden he has an issue," Gentry said.

The board voted against the idea last month. The measure to hire a new auditor failed again Tuesday but Ellis said he’s hopeful the Attorney General’s office will decide a new one is needed.

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