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Don’t leave water bottles in direct sunlight

(WSIL) — Leaving a plastic water bottle in a hot car in direct sunlight could start a fire in just minutes, according to officials.

And, that’s exactly what happened to Dioni Amuchastegui, a technician with Idaho Power. 

In a video originally posted to the company’s Facebook page in July 2017, Amuchastegui explained a close call he had after a bottle of water caused the seat of his truck to smoke.

"I was taking an early lunch and sitting in the truck. I happened to notice some smoke out of the corner of my eye, and I looked over and noticed that light was being refracted through a water bottle and was starting to catch the seat on fire," Amuchastegui explained.

The water bottle was left in the path of direct sunlight coming through the driver’s side window. It left two small burn marks in the seat, and Amuchastegui said the material was hot to the touch.

"It’s not something you really expect – having a water bottle catch your chair on fire," he added.

With temperatures in the 90s in southern Illinois during the summer months, it’s a warning which should be heeded by all.

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