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Keeping cool at local youth fair

METROPOLIS (WSIL) — The folks at the Massac County Youth Fair, put a lot of effort into keeping livestock cool on hot days.

Peyton Lingle, an exhibitor at the fair says it’s particularly important to keep pigs in a cool environment. 

“Pigs don’t sweat so you really do have to have fans and we have a mister thing on our hose so we like to mist them a lot," Lingle said. 

With heat index values in the triple digits again today, the heat becomes a bit of a nuisance for those taking care of the animals, too.

“Show days you can be out here from 6:00 a.m. to midnight. Days like this you can be out here from 10:30- 6:00 at night, it really just depends on what’s happening that day,” Lingle said. 

Tammie Obermark, Vice President of the Massac County Youth Fair Association, says they have several ways of keeping both people and the animals cool.

“Our responsibility is obviously safety first, and we have, obviously, electricity in the barns for them to have fans, actually in the show arena we’re in now there’s a sprinkler system on top of it that we run, and it keeps the building cooler. We have big fans, ceiling fans, we have a shade screen and that’s for the cattle that we can tie them up underneath there so that way they can stay cool, and we’ll have water on that also,” Obermark said. 

When you have to be out in the heat all day, Clint Smith, the Superintendent of the Massac County Youth Fair, says sometimes it’s easier to find time in the shade by a fan, than try to find air conditioning.

“I try not to get into it anymore than I have to. That really drains me, going in and out of the cold," Smith said. 

Obermark says the heat is not enough to keep them from enjoying their yearly tradition that’s run for nearly forty years, “To come out in the heat, a lot of people think we’re crazy! But, you know the experiences, and the parts that you learn, you see the kids grow as a person, this year was my daughter’s last year in 4-H to be able to show, and to be able to see her be successful and to watch her grow into a young adult, to me as a parent, you can’t trade that."

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