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Donation drop-off to become stable in river community

MCCLURE (WSIL) — Flood gates are opening in many communities as floodwaters continue to drop, but the flood fight still continues. 

For the Village of McClure, flooding has actually opened up opportunities. 

From boxes to cans, fellowship and faith, to lending a helping hand, residents in McClure understand how important it is to serve your neighbors. 

As flood waters recede, spirits remain high. 

"People’s attitudes and everything are more upbeat," McClure residents and volunteer coordinator James Myers said. "We are hopeful."

Myers six-year-old daughter Tally helped serve dinner Sunday night to community members who were affected by flooding. 

"You’re supposed to help when other people are in trouble," Tally said. 

The flood flight in Alexander county is far from over and donations are still greatly needed. 

Currently, The Spark Ministries has an abundance of bottled water, but Myers said what they need the most is non-perishable food items, first aid supplies and toiletries. 

"It’s a waiting game right now," Myers said. 

Myers said the water is falling between three and four inches a day.

"In two weeks we should be driving on the roads," Myers said.

Route 3 between McClure and Gale still remains closed, making it harder for residents to get to grocery stores and work in Cape Girardeau. 

Even when times got tough, The Spark Ministries found another calling. 

"It has opened doors for us that we didn’t know were there," The Spark Ministries Secretary Sandy Pulley said. 

Long after roads and fields dry out, the donation room at the church along Route 3 in McClure will continue to fill up. 

"We went from an emergency operations center, to seeing the need in the community and filling that role immediately," Myers said. 

The church of 150 people plans on becoming a food bank for Alexander County. 

Myers said there is still some paperwork left for the church to complete before the food bank is complete. 

Once complete, shelving will be added to the donation room in the church. 

"No matter where the flood waters are, you’ll be able to come and get help here as a community member," Myers said. 

Church members agree, they are turning a hardship into a blessing. 

"We have been praying for this community to have something we could reach the community with," Pulley said. 

The donation center is open at The Sparks Ministries building on the south end of McClure, off of Route 3. 

The center is open daily from 9:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. 

Items donated will be dispersed throughout McClure, East Cape Girardeau and Gale. 

Besides supplies, Myers said they will also take monetary donations.

Here is a list of items they’re in need of:

Creamer (dry)
Coffee filters
Peanut butter
Spaghetti noodles and sauce
Spaghetti Os
Can soups
Mac and cheese
Can vegetables
Apple sauce cups
Can ravioli 
Pancake mix
Snack cakes
Pop Tarts
Instant potatoes
Pudding cups
Microwave popcorn
Can or package tuna
Ramen Noodles
Vienna sausages 
Packaged nuts
Hamburger Helper
Cooking oil
Trash bags
Toilet paper
Bug spray
Bleach wipes
Body wash
Paper towels
Shampoo and conditioner 
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Body wash
Dish soap
Rubber gloves
Dog and cat food
Cat litter

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