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Carbondale leaders step up safety efforts after crash kills child

CARBONDALE (WSIL) — New stop signs and a reduced speed limit are coming to a neighborhood in Carbondale. 

Nearly one year after a five-year-old was hit and killed on North Wall Street near Attucks Park, council members voted Tuesday night to make the area safer. 

Lee Hughes was at the council meeting to watch how members would vote. 

Hughes started a petition months ago asking city leaders to install speed humps. 

More than 200 people signed the petition. 

Hughes didn’t know Amar Phillipe, but wanted he to prevent a scene like Phillipe’s from happening again. 

Back in April, council members discussed installing new cross walks, bike trails and new striping, but on Tuesday night leaders passed two other safety efforts. 

Soon there will be a four-way stop sign at the intersection of North Wall Street and East Willow Street and the speed limit will be reduced on North Wall Street at 25 mph. 

Hughes said he wasn’t entirely happy with the council’s actions. 

"We have a young man getting run over by a car and it’s kind of like we’ll put a stop sign up and we are going to reduce the speed limit," Hughes said. "I don’t think that’s enough."

Hughes wishes the city would add the flashing lights and walk ways to make it easier for people to cross from one side of the street to another. 

"I do appreciate the city doing something," Hughes said. "At least they did something, but we could have done better."

Hughes hopes the stop signs and reduced speed limit are stepping stones to a bigger plan for the area.

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