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I-57 named deadliest highway in Illinois

(WSIL) — It will likely come as no surprise that I-57 is the deadliest highway in Illinois, but you may be surprised to learn that Missouri and Kentucky actually have deadlier highways.

A new report released by ASecureLife analyzed three years worth (2015-2017) of traffic fatality reports to find which roads had the highest number of fatal car crashes.

Deadliest highways in each state
#1 deadliest Fatalities #2 deadliest Fatalities #3 deadliest Fatalities
Illinois           I-57           39             I-55           37             I-80            26
Kentucky           US-27           45             US-60           41             I-75            33
Missouri           I-70           60             I-44           42             US-54            32

Using the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (NHTSA-FARS), researchers collected data on each state’s fatal crashes from May through September, 2015 – 2017. They then determined which roads saw the most traffic fatalities and analyzed the details reported in those incidents to pinpoint regional trends. Length and traffic volume weren’t accounted for in the analysis, so this dataset is meant to be used as a high-level guide, not a basis for safety rankings.

You can read the full study by clicking here.

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