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Pictures show thousands of dead Asian carp in ditch after flood water recedes

RANDOLPH CO. (WSIL) — As flood waters recede from rivers like the Mississippi, Big Muddy, and Kaskaskia, thousands of fish end up trapped in ditches and then die in the oxygen-starved water.

Jesse Pees snapped pictures on Monday afternoon showing thousands of baby Asian carp trapped in a ditch and dead.

The invasive fish has infested waterways throughout the Midwest by the millions, reducing numbers in native sport fish like bass.

"They are eating and breeding machines," explained Randy Sauer, an Illinois Department of Natural Resources fisheries biologist for the Kaskaskia River. "They produce upward of two million young per year and grow very, very fast and start reproducing in another year themselves. So their growth is geometric."

IDNR has been working to market the fish to eat, hoping to create a desirable commercial market to reduce their numbers.

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