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On The Trail: Shawnee Hills eBike Rentals

(WSIL) —  This week we’re going to show you a new way that you can get “On The Trail” this summer, and it comes with a helping hand.

Jay Boyd, Owner of Shawnee Hills eBike Rentals, explains, "An eBike is a regular bicycle that they’ve added an electric motor and a controller. It takes away the hills, there are no hills, you can ride up any hill with them.”

Boyd says he bought an eBike of his own and loved it so much that he began his business. And, he’s not the only fan. Folks from all over the country come to rent the bikes in southern Illinois. 

Boyd elaborates, “It’s a bike for everybody, it’s a bike for people who have had knee problems or joint issues of some sort, older people that don’t feel comfortable trying the ride with younger people can keep up.”

The bikes allow you to do as much or as little work as desired.

Boyd explains, "The bike has a large 48 volt, 14 amp lithium ion battery, has a range depending on how much assist you use of 25 to 50 miles. The only thing about his bike that is different is that it has the electronics, other than that it’s a bicycle, it has breaks, it has gears. You turn it on, you have five power levels, well six if you count zero but one through five and each one of those gives you a higher level of peddle assist so if you’re on a really steep steep hill you just run that up the five and you climb right up the hill and you’re done.“

Similar to the classic bike, the eBikes come in many different models, some for the road and others for the trail or even the beach.

It didn’t take long for me to be converted to an eBike lover. It was easy to see why Shawnee Hills eBike Rentals was named one of the top outdoor activities in southern Illinois by the Southernmost Illinois Tourism Bureau. We decided to bike through Giant City State Park but Boyd says there are many great spots for biking in the area.

Boyd elaborates, "Bald Knob Alto Pass Area is a great one, there’s three or four rides there, plus then you have all the wineries in that area and there are two or three 20-plus mile rides south of Anna that are really really nice and safe.”

Twenty plus mile may sound like a long ride but it flies by. The bikes are available to rent for two hours to a full day. You can also rent them and take them on vacation to explore trails outside of the region. For more information on Shawnee Hills E-Bike Rentals click here.

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