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Grand Tower leaders hope FEMA pays for road repairs

GRAND TOWER (WSIL) — After months of dealing with flooding, residents in Grand Tower are now left with destruction with no end in sight. 

Floodwaters caused multiple sinkholes to form along Front Street in Grand Tower. 

"All the damage in Jackson County and half of it is right here along this street," Grand Tower Fire Chief Dennis Wright said.

Wright said the city was told it could cost up to $4 million to replace the road, sewer, water mains and storm drains along the street. 

"It’s not going to be fixed until they get some money," Wright said. "The City of Grand Tower doesn’t have the means or the money to put into this."

Floodwaters receded back into the banks of the Mississippi River in July, but on Sunday a fourth sinkhole appeared on Front Street. 

"If it starts caving in anymore, we are going to be in bad trouble," Wright said. "All our infrastructure on this street, from one end to another, was damaged by the flood. From water pressure of the river being so high and seep water."

Wright says since the first sink hole appeared in late May, the town has had more than 10 water main breaks. 

"Where the second hole caved in, there was a water main leak there too," Wright said. 

Wright and other leaders from Grand Tower will meet with FEMA and the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) on Monday morning with hopes to receive money to fix Front Street. 

Devil’s Backbone Park board members also plan to meet with the two groups to discuss damage in the park.

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