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Lawyer for Brian Burns wants to withdraw from the murder case

HARRISBURG (WSIL) —     Another possible delay in the trial of a Saline County doctor accused of killing his estranged wife.

Brian Burns faces charges for the death of Carla Burns in March of 2016.

Burns’ lawyer, Duane Verity, said he plans to withdraw from the case.

He said he has concerns about the situation within his own law office and about the new prosecutor in the case.

Burns is scheduled to go on trial next month.

Saline County State’s Attorney Molly Wilson Kasiar recused herself.

She said at the time a couple new prosecutors in her office previously spoke to Burns about representing him in the trial.

A special prosecutor took over in July.

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Verity said since then, he lost some people in his law office who were working closely on the case.

He expects a flood of motions from the special prosecutor before the trial starts and his office may not be able to handle it.

"I don’t really see any way around it for us to proceed to trial with the condition that we’re all in now," Verity said.

Verity said if the motion is denied and the case proceeds to trial, then he has a possible issue to bring up on appeal if Burns is convicted.

Verity hasn’t filed a motion to withdraw yet but he plans to do so in the next week.  

The last court hearing is September 6, while the trial is scheduled for September 18.

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