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New details on high speed chase that stretched four counties

JEFFERSON COUNTY (WSIL) — Three women face charges after police say they led officers on a high speed chase over the weekend. The chase wound through four Southern Illinois counties, before ending near Ina.

Late Sunday evening, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department was notified of a high speed chase headed into their county.

"It was noted, during the pursuit as they were coming in, they were hitting speeds of 100 mph," said Chief Deputy Blaine Uhls.

Chief Deputy Uhls says as the car neared Ina, deputies were waiting along I-57 ready with stop sticks.

"They are basically a plastic tube that contains hollow sharp straws. They lay them in a position and when the right vehicle comes in line they pull it out there," said Uhls.

The car went less than a mile before pulling into the median with flat tires. It was then, police saw the female driver, 21-year-old Twanna Trotter, take off on foot.

Deputies arrested Trotter, along with two other women in the car, 21-year-old Crystal Davis and 18-year-old Marshaila Orange.

There was also a four year old sitting in the back seat who was not the child of any of the women.

"You’ll see a police officer go from the felony stop where they are giving orders, they are being very direct on what they are doing for the safety of everyone, and they’ll flip a switch and go right to that child and treat them like a child should be treated," said Uhls.

All three women are being charged with aggravated fleeing, resisting arrest, and endangering the life of a child.

Uhls says despite the dangers of a high speed chase, it couldn’t have ended any better.

"No one got hurt. A very reckless act was handled with the best tools we have to deal with such a thing and the biggest thing was no one was hurt," said Uhls. 

The chase began because the vehicle was involved in a felony theft earlier Sunday. The vehicle also matched the description of a car involved in an armed robbery last week in Paducah, Kentucky. 

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s office is working with Paducah Police on that case.

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