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County officials respond to study finding 100%+ voter registration rates

UNION COUNTY (WSIL) — A study from The Public Interest Legal Foundation is raising concerns about possible voter fraud.

The study found there are more registered voters than people of voting age living in 29 states including Illinois, Kentucky, and Missouri.

According to the foundation, Kentucky has 58 counties with registration rates of 100 percent or higher. Illinois has 13 counties, and Missouri has 2 counties with more registered voters than voting age residents.

Union County Clerk and Recorder Lance Meisenheimer, says he’s proud of many things in his office.

Voter security is one he gloats about the most, "We do a fantastic job. Keeping the numbers right." 

So when the study found Union County is one of the 13 Illinois counties with 100 percent or more of people registered to vote, he wanted to set the record straight.

"I want to make sure that residents in Union County know and understand that’s not the truth," he says.

Several other counties in our region are also on the list, with even higher voter registration rates.

Meisenheimer says those numbers don’t make any sense, "They’re taking our active voter role and then they’re taking our inactive voter role. And they’re combining those numbers."

Meisenheimer says about 80 percent of Union County’s population is registered to vote.

"We take it very seriously. The state does and they’re being very helpful with training. Even with local authorities as myself, to keep us ahead of the curb on all this," he adds. 

News 3 reached out to officials with Franklin County about this report. County Clerk Greg Woolard says the numbers are 100 percent wrong. Woolard says the county is looking into how the foundation got its data.

Both leaders say people are putting out inaccurate information ahead of next year’s election.

Meisenheimer explains, "I’m getting now almost daily a FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) request of some sort of election information."

News 3 reached out to The Public Interest Legal Foundation for a comment. They have yet to respond.

The southern Illinois counties in the study are listed below with their voting registration rates.

Alexander County 115%
Franklin County 117%
Hardin County 108%
Massac County 102%
Pulaski County 135%
Union County 100%
White County 101%

You can click here to see the full list including the Kentucky and Missouri counties.

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