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Woman shares how food pantry donations help her

HARRISBURG (WSIL) — There are those in our area who struggle to put food on the table. It’s an issue that affects children, families, and seniors. 

To help with the need, News 3 is kicking off its annual Sack Hunger Food Drive.

Each Thursday in September and October representatives will be at an area Kroger store collecting non-perishable items for local pantries. On Thursday, September 5 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.  we will be at the Harrisburg Kroger. 

73-year-old Sharon Vandenberg knows how important food drives can be. She says she’s grateful to those who donate because they help keep her fridge from going bare. 

"I’m low on a lot of things." 

It’s almost time for Sharon to make her monthly trip to the 4C’s Food Pantry. 

"I’ve learned to stretch. I’ve learned to stretch food out a lot," she explained. 

Sharon says, because she knows what it’s like to struggle, she does her best to share when she has food left over.  

"I have a friend who doesn’t have any income. He has a place to live, but he doesn’t have a lot, and I’ll say, ‘Come over and we will set you up,’ or ‘Come over for dinner,’" said Vandenberg. 

Like Sharon,  there are many people in southern Illinois who rely on food pantries. She says, without help, she knows people who would go hungry. 

"There is a lot of hungry people out here. A lot, and they have kids, and they might just have a bag of rice, and they cook that up, you just don’t know." 

She’s asking shoppers to remember her and other seniors, as well as children, when you head to the grocery store. 

"It’s a hard life. If those people would just donate $5 worth of food, $1 worth, whatever they can afford, you’re going to help another family. You might be helping an elderly person like me," said Vandenberg. 

Stop by the Sack Hunger table and pick up a list of needed items, their cost, and where they can be found in the store. To see the list for the Harrisburg food drive, click here.

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