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Carterville city leaders work to bring in new business

CARTERVILLE (WSIL) — Carterville city leaders are asking for your help to decide which businesses to try to bring to town. They’ve created a survey to gather input from residents. 

For the past two decades, Dave Armstrong has called Williamson County home. 

"There’s a reason why I moved to this town, and it’s because of the old Carterville. But there’s a reason why I stay, and it’s because of new Carterville."

Armstrong owns Farm Fresh in Carterville. He says he’s happy city officials are trying to work with the community to bring in more businesses, but he believes expanding current businesses would benefit the town faster. 

"For instance, we’ve hoped to find a way to have a really basic liquor license here at Farm Fresh," explains Armstrong. 

Carterville resident Jayce Vancil says a full-service produce store is much needed in the community. 

"That’s the one thing that I can think of other than possible factories. But as far as service businesses, I don’t see a big need for more restaurants, especially fast food. I don’t ever go to fast-food restaurants," says Vancil.

Tom Liebenrood and Tom Harness with the City of Carterville say they just want to give everyone a chance to voice their opinion.

Liebenrood says, "We created a survey that will allow us to have questions to the community. Primarily focuses on Carterville residents but also to the surrounding communities as well." 

Harness adds,"We wanted to be unique. We wanted to be different. We wanted to give the community, the citizens here, the businesses the opportunity to be involved and take ownership in the community."

Harness says the city does not want property taxes to increase to make up for the lack of sales tax. 

"So instead of looking at that as the only solution, we have to be proactive," he adds.

Harness and Liebenrood urge people to take the survey so they know what types of businesses to seek out. Business owners like Armstrong says he’s just happy people are working to make the city better. 

"I just love Carterville. I just want to see this place grow and change and evolve," says Armstrong. 

You have until the end of this month to fill out the Carterville survey. You can find the survey by clicking here


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