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Cold Case: Who killed Lisa Uzzle?

WILLIAMSON COUNTY (WSIL) — Police say Lisa Uzzle was shot to death on September 6th, 2014. Her body was then burned inside her Williamson County home.

Lisa’s daughter Stephanie Uzzle says her family is trying to heat up this cold case, by offering a $10,000 for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of her mother’s killer.

Stephanie says it’s time for her family to receive the closure they desperately need. 

She explains, "My mother was taken from myself and my brother and my whole family by an individual or group of people."

Stephanie says, she adores her mother Lisa and will always cherish their relationship. 

"My mom and I grew from mother and daughter, and we developed this best friend kind of bond," she adds, " We called each other every day. It was kind of my rituals to call her as I was driving home."

Stephanie recalls the last conversation she had with her mother, "I was 27, and for some reason, she just had this grand idea she wanted to be a grandmother."

Stephanie says she ended up getting pregnant and had a healthy baby boy. The grandson Lisa would never be able to meet.

Williamson County Sheriff’s Detective Lieutenant Karl Gusentine has been on the case since the beginning. 

He explains, "It’s an open, active investigation when we have leads we follow up on them."

He says in September 2014 officials were initially called to a house fire at McGeesville Road in rural Williamson County. 

"Throughout the evening and early morning, a body was discovered," says Gusentine.

He adds Lisa’s body was in bad shape after recovering it.Gusentine says, he wants to make sure to hold the person or people of this crime held accountable.  Gusentine says there were many leads but no arrest.

"Some people may think it’s insignificant. It could be exactly what we’re looking for," says Gusentine.

Stephanie says, during this time, every year, she thinks about her mother’s unsolved mystery the case she’s hoping to solve.

"You hurt my family. You hurt me, and I’m still hurting. My family is still hurting," says Stephanie tearfully. 

Anyone with information about the murder of Lisa Uzzle is asked to contact the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office at (618) 997-6541.

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