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Chicago man arrested for stalking mother, child


Amari Gunn told News 3 she’s never felt fear like it before. On Sunday,  Argenis Hernandez followed her with a close eye on her 9-month-old daughter Serenity. 

"He kept lingering around us. Every single aisle we were in, he would just get closer and closer," said Gunn. 

Gunn says she noticed Hernandez in Ross as she, her mother, and Serenity were shopping for fall decorations.

"He kept getting closer and closer to her, pointing his camera at her, taking videos and pictures," said Gunn.

Gunn says they immediately left the store and walked down the mall, but again, Hernandez was watching.

"We got to Pagoda and the jewelry store, Kay’s, and we saw him with two other men, and he kept getting closer and closer, and he was pointing at my daughter," said Gunn. 

"It was just beyond uncomfortable at this point. He was right there on our heels," said Gunn. 

They alerted security and continued to Macy’s. Gunn says it was there, that Hernandez darted towards the stroller Serenity sat in and then took off when he saw Gunn’s mother with a camera pointed back at him. 

"She saw him coming at us, and it was all intent to grab and snatch, and my mom, she immediately, she had her phone in her hand and she took a picture of him, and she took a picture of him, and yelled, ‘Stop him! Stop him!’"

Employees and shoppers surrounded Gunn and Serenity and many took off after Hernandez. She says she’s thankful everyone who heard their screams jumped into action. 

"That man probably could have gotten away. He actually got out of the mall and was hiding in the parking lot, and there was a lady’s son who actually pointed him out hiding behind cars," said Gunn.

Witnesses say it was in the parking lot that he was arrested. 

Argenis Hernandez is charged with stalking and disorderly conduct. A preliminary hearing is set for October 1 in Jackson County court. 

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