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Marion leaders vote down marijuana dispensaries 4-1

MARION (WSIL) — With recreational cannabis becoming legal in Illinois in a few months, communities in southern Illinois must decide if they will allow cannabis-related businesses in their towns.

Monday evening, Marion City Council voted 4-1 to prohibit dispensaries that sell marijuana. Commissioner John Stoecklin was the sole vote against prohibiting  (or for) the sale of recreational cannabis in Marion. 

Some business owners like Dan Fox, the owner of Fox Comics in Marion, believes the city can benefit economically is if city leaders allow marijuana dispensaries to set up shop.

"I think you can do good things with what might have been a bad situation," says Fox.

Fox says he’s not advocating for cannabis, but since Governor J.B. Pritzker legalized marijuana, then he believes the city should profit from it. 

He explains, "It’s disappointing that the state has turned to it as revenue, and I don’t think any parents are turning to their children and saying, "Yay, let’s sell pot’."

Mayor Mike Absher voted to prohibit the businesses in town. He thinks communities should have been given more time to study the pros and cons of cannabis sales, "I would like to see what some of the other communities that do allow it what is the downside that they have to overcome." 

Mt. Vernon leaders recently passed an ordinance allowing marijuana dispensaries to set up shop in their community.

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