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New collectible Barbie to honor Mexican festival

(WSIL) — Barbie is getting a new, festive makeover to celebrate the Mexican festival known as "Dia de los muertos".

Translated, "Dia de los muertos" means "Day of the dead". The festival originates in Mexico and honors departed loved ones.

Mattel says the doll "honors the traditions, symbols, and rituals often seen throughout this time.

The collectible Barbie will be available at Target, Walmart, or on Amazon Thursday for $75.

Disney/Pixar’s hit film "Coco" brought the Mexican holiday to life in the 2017 animated movie in which Latino families put out altars and other remembrances for family members who had passed on.

The multi-day holiday, also known as All Souls Day and All Saints Day by Catholics, is celebrated from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2.

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