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Local group wants to drive up voter registration

CARBONDALE (WSIL) — A local group wants to drive up voter registration.

The Black Graduate Greek Council of Carbondale hosted a debate watch party Thursday night, one of several events the collection of sororities and fraternities is doing to raise awareness of the election.

Micki Weaver, vice president of the Black Graduate Greek Council, said getting people registered to vote is important to our democracy.

"Because there are a whole lot of people behind me who have died to get people to vote. I can remember growing up, visiting my grandparents in Little Rock, and they actually had to take a test to vote," Weaver said. "So it’s important to me to get people to come out and vote. It’s their constitutional right to do so."

The group plans to hold more events to get people out to vote including one later this month at the SIU student center.

More details can be found on the Black Graduate Greek Council’s Facebook page.

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