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Harrisburg FFA Chapter sees success with sunflowers

HARRISBURG (WSIL) — Drivers will notice a new field of yellow flowers in Harrisburg. Sunflowers can now be seen on Bulldog Boulevard leading up to the Harrisburg Middle.

The Harrisburg FFA Chapter had to come up with a different plan this year for its farm land. The chapter usually plants corn or soybeans to sell, but the wet spring prevented that.

So the chapter asked local farmers for suggestions and came up with Sunflowers, since they are usually planted later in the year. 

The flowers were planted in July and are in full bloom for the next couple of weeks. They aren’t only pretty to look at, they are also used as cover crops to keep nutrients in the soil for next year.

Members never thought the flower field would be so popular.

"Around here we really don’t have anything like this and it’s just something different, said FFA member Autumn Rain Harrawood. "It’s something that’s really beautiful."

Adviser Cacy Ellis added, "I had no idea that it would get the publicity or that it would it make as big of an impact as it has but we are glad to see that the community is enjoying sunflowers."

The FFA Chapter is still trying to figure out how to raise money off the flowers but they have considered using them for bird seed. You can also donate to the chapter.

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