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Students seek jobs in agriculture recruiters are eager to fill

CARBONDALE (WSIL) — When it comes to students finding work in their field of study, it’s often about having the right connections. That’s why more than 100 students connected with potential employers Thursday at an Agriculture Job Fair at SIU Carbondale.

Jim Fleming, of Agri-Search, has been recruiting potential job candidates in the field of agriculture for 20 years. He serves both candidates and employers, connecting the two for relationships he believes can last an entire career. Fleming wanted to take part in SIU’s College of Agricultural Sciences Fall Career Fair because of its turnout.

"They want to work, they want jobs, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every candidate I’ve talked to today. I am rejuvenated in my work today, excited by what I have seen," Fleming said.

That’s the goal of the Career Fair – to get employers excited for the next crop of graduates SIU has to offer. Student Transition and Success coordinator Peyton Gehrs said more than 100 students who attend will find work.

"Our students are on the ball with getting the experience and the jobs that they need. Most of them will actually be hired come November of this year for the summer," Gehrs said.

While Agricultural Sciences denotes farming, Gehrs said the field of services is much more.

"We have students who have never stepped foot on a farm, but they love the industry. Agriculture is food and fiber and natural resources. Everything that we need to live. So we have a wide variety of students who have various interests, so it’s really neat to go through the tent and kind of see that variety and that diversity that our college has," she added.

Cameron Helderman is an agri-business economics student set to graduate in May. He wants to find a job before then, so he passed out more than a dozen resumes.

"Facetime is a huge thing. If they see your face, recognize you, know your name, then they’re definitely more willing to hire you," Helderman said.

The Ag Sciences Career Fair takes place annually. Organizers say the measure of success is when they place a graduating Saluki into their career of choice.

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