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Teen arrested following threatening message

POPE COUNTY (WSIL) — On Sunday, the Pope County Sheriff said an arrest had been made following a threatening message posted on social media last week.

Sheriff Jerry Suits say the State’s Attorney reviewed the reports and decided to issue an arrest warrant. On Friday, police arrested a 14 year-old girl from Vienna on charges of Disorderly Conduct. 

 Suits says the message posted on Snapchat led to heightened security at the schools on Monday and resulted in nearly 100 absent students. 

On September 20, 2019, the teen made an anonymous post through YOLO on Snapchat that read "Don’t come to school on Monday. Watch the news that day to see why." She told Sheriff Suits the post was meant to be a joke. 

The Vienna teen is being held at the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center in Benton.

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