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Two teens dead after fleeing from police

PADUCAH, Ky. (WSIL) — Three young people are dead after the stolen vehicle they were in crashed while police were chasing them.

Paducah Police say Caleb Puckett, 20, of Paducah was driving a stolen 2010 Cadillac when they put on their lights, and began chasing him after 1 a.m.

Officers say the car went airborne after going over a railroad crossing, then ran off the road and struck a tree and home.

Puckett, and his two passengers, Andrew Morgan, 15, of Hopkinsville, and Kain Clarkson, 15, of Paducah, were all pronounced dead at the scene.

Several officers rendered first aid to the occupants prior to the arrival of medical personnel.

The investigation is ongoing.

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