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Small earthquake in Missouri Bootheel Friday morning

NEW MADRID COUNTY, Mo (WSIL) — A small earthquake occurred early Friday morning at 6:14 a.m. just to the south and west of New Madrid, Missouri. The quake registered a 1.8 magnitude according to the United States Geological Survey. 

The area in the New Madrid Seismic Zone has been very active with 18 small quakes occurring in the vicinity of the fault since Thursday, September 26. The largest of the quakes was a 3.3 magnitude on Friday, September 27 near Lilbourn, Missouri. 

Monday, September 30, was the most active, with seven earthquakes, the largest a pair of 2.7 and a 2.6 magnitude. 
Since recording instruments were installed in 1974, more than 4,000 earthquakes have been recorded in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, most of which were too small to be felt.

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