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Warm weather blamed for a slow start to deer bow hunting season

MARION (WSIL) — Hunters from across the state have October 1 marked on their calendars. It’s the start of deer bow hunting season. Darrell Oliver from northern Illinois spends about two weeks in the southern part of the state. Oliver says it’s because southern Illinois offers him a wide range of activities. He says he loves the outdoors, especially using his skills in the woods.

Oliver says, "I’ve been hunting for almost over 50 years." 

But with temperatures in the 90s, Oliver explains, he chose to put his bow and arrow away and not hunt. 

He says, "It’s just too hot. The meat can spoil on you by the time you get it home." 

Federal wildlife officer, Dustin Schelling, says there are many factors in Tuesday’s low turn out, but he admits the heat is probably the main reason.

Schelling explains, "You’re carrying gear in, you’re giving out more scent. So with more scent, deer can smell you and detect you easier."

And Schelling says hunters aren’t the only ones who don’t like the warmer temperatures, "Deer are just like us. If it’s hot out they don’t want to be moving around." 

Although Oliver didn’t get to hunt on opening day, he wants to provide a tip to his fellow hunters who are thinking about heading into the woods. 

"If you shoot something, good luck, it’s all I can tell you. If you don’t find it right away. In this kind of weather, it’s a good chance of spoiling," he adds. 

Archery Deer Season in Illinois is expected to run from October 1 – January 19 except for November 22, 23 & 24 and December 5, 6, 7 & 8 due to firearm hunting season.

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