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WSIL Weather Academy travels to Goreville

WSIL —  The WSIL Weather Academy made their second stop in area schools to teach students about the weather with interactive experiments. 

The WSIL Weather Academy helped educate over 100 hundred 2nd through 5th grade students about weather that impacts them every day. 

Fifth Grader Nicholas King, says "My favorite part was when you got to pump in air from the bottle and it made a big explosion when you took off the cap."

Fourth grade Teacher, Dana Harris, says, "I loved the bubbles because I just think that was just great to see the effects of wind and they loved it."

Some students love science enough that they think they could do it for a living.

Fourth Grader, Deacon Webb, says, "I actually do want to be a weather broadcaster when I grow up so I like stuff like that and I like history too."

Fifth Grader, Marley Parrish, says,  "I like it because surgeons have to go to college and study science and I want to become a surgeon one day."

 Harris says her school has a variety of ways that they encourage science, math and technology.

Harris explains, "Our school is one of the few in the state that has Elementary Beta and Beta club is a leadership club.  It really encourages them to strive for those jobs that maybe they haven’t been exposed to like engineers and meteorologists and different things like that, that gives them an opportunity to branch out of their typical norm."

Next week the academy will be traveling to Wayne City.   

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