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Mt. Vernon receives zoning application for cannabis dispensary

MT. VERNON (WSIL) — Thrive Dispensary could possibly call Mt. Vernon their next place of business. Thrive Dispensary has two other locations in Anna and Harrisburg. 

Mt. Vernon Mayor John Lewis explains multiple entities have reached out to the city, showing interest in opening businesses to sell recreational cannabis in the community. 

Mayor Lewis says, "They’ve already applied to our zoning board for a conditional use permit to locate on 45th Street."

After months of research Mt. Vernon city leaders passed an ordinance to allow cannabis sales in the city. The cannabis ordinance also allows the city to have a say in the location of any dispensary business that comes to town. Mayor Lewis says although the state claims cannabis sales will bring revenue. The city is also concerned with how much this new law is costing.

Mayor Lewis explains, "Our three K-9 dogs are going to be worthless on January 1. All the new equipment that we’re going to have to buy, our officers, and we don’t even know how much those expenses are going to be."

Mayor Lewis says the city will not stop anyone from coming in, but they’re relying on other departments in the city to help them make decisions.

The zoning board expected to make a decision, sometime in mid-October.

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