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Dry weather a far cry from wet spring

COBDEN (WSIL) — A lack of rainfall recently has created some pretty dry conditions across the region.

Volunteer Cobden Fireman, Larry Hackethal, says that combined with a fall breeze has heightened the risk of accidental fires, "When this happens, the moisture content within these substances is diminished, and the level of burn becomes higher, as it is right now." 

He acknowledges conditions are a far cry from the torrential rains Union County experienced this spring, adding that Union County is now under a burn ban.

"We have helped and assisted in needed areas when flood rescue needed to be done, but now towards this year, towards the end of the fall with this burn ban, we will see a lot more brush fires, woods fires," Hackethal said.

This dry spell isn’t all bad. Regina Morrison, co-owner of StarView Vineyards, says her business benefits from a dry end to summer.

"From mid-summer to the end of the growing season for us it is okay to be dry. It helps the grapes become very concentrated." Morrison said.

She say a wet summer can even harm their crop, "When it rains, and then it’s warm, it’s just like the perfect way for disease to grow [like] mold, fungus." 

But for most folks, the dry weather means one thing.

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