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Murphysboro teachers hit the sidewalk for planned strike

MURPHYSBORO (WSIL) — Hundreds of students from Murphysboro missed class Thursday because of a teacher’s strike. Those teachers walked out of the classroom and onto the picket lines. The action promoted school leaders to cancel all activities, events, and practices. In fact, Thursday nights volleyball game was supposed to happen, but due to the school being closed, Murphysboro had to forfeit.

Murphysboro resident and parent Micah Ellis says educators are undervalued, "I believe they need to do what they believe in I mean they have been underpaid for so long and they keep coming in day in and day out."

Murphysboro taxpayers like Ken and Vern Cline agree. They believe educators in Southern Illinois don’t get the best pay that they deserve.

"I am supporting the teachers in their efforts and try to increase their wages and the school district, in general, trying to increase its quality," says Ken Cline. 

Vern Cline adds," We need teachers here and we need them to be happy. We need them to be secure and we need them to be able to raise their family."

But other parents tell News 3 they think teachers make enough, especially living in an area where the cost of living is so low. According to the Murphsyboro District 186 school board, teachers there earn between $38,000 and $73,000.

On its Facebook page, school board leaders said they’re frustrated by this turn of events. The Board’s final offer provided all teachers with a salary increase of at least $2,000. 

Still, Murphysboro teachers hit the sidewalks of downtown Murphysboro and on Route 13 demanding better pay, and benefits. And supporters believe the right thing to do is give the teachers what they need, so classes can resume.

Vern Cline says, "We feel very strongly that all the children need a good education."

School leaders have posted this google document on its Facebook, it shows the list of the teachers salaries.

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