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Negotiations to resume Monday amid teacher’s strike

MURPHYSBORO (WSIL) — Thousands of students will miss another day in the classroom, marking the third school-day students have missed since the teacher’s strike began. 

On Sunday, teachers passed out flyers, answered questions and faced little opposition to their demand of what they call a "competitive wage."

This is the first teacher’s strike in Murphysboro in nearly three decades, with both sides stating they want to return students to the classroom as quickly as possible.

The current holdup, according to the Murphysboro Education Association, amounts to $385,692. That’s the difference, they claim, between what they are seeking in raises and what the Board of Education is offering.

Second Grade teacher, Tabitha Harris, says although this is a difficult situation, they’ve received overwhelming support.

"We’re incredibly grateful to all the people who are reaching out on Facebook to share the true representation of the numbers and what we’re asking for – which we believe is fair compensation for the work that we do," said Harris. 

Harris added "it’s a very difficult situation for our school district to be going through, but, it’s time of hardship that allow people to show their best side and we’ve been seeing a lot of that from the community of Murphysboro."

Negotiations are set to continue Monday with a meeting at 5 p.m., but a location has not been determined. 

Until then, teachers tell News 3 they’ll continue picketing Monday morning. 

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