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Brick and Mortar Monday: Local automotive repair shop expands operations

BENTON (WSIL) — Business partners who built an automotive repair shop to service their own vehicles have now decided to open to the public due to high demand.

Jarrett Biggerstaff and Ryan Hartwell are the owners of Motor Medix in Benton. The two became business partners in 2007 as owner-operators for Fed Ex Ground in West Frankfort.

Biggerstaff says as the online orders grew, so did the need to add more delivery trucks to their fleet. He says they began servicing all of their vehicles themselves to cut down on overhead costs. Once word got out about the work they were doing the request started rolling in and Motor Medix, a full-service auto and tire shop, was born.

For more information, visit Motor Medix’s Facebook page or call (618) 663-7978.

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