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A Taste of the Region: Caribbean Hut

It’s not just brick and mortar restaurants that are popular throughout our region, Caribbean Hut in Cambria is making a splash too. 

The food truck, which is open Wednesday through Saturday, is the mastermind of three men. 

Nassau-native Freeman Johnson started Caribbean Hut two years ago and then brought on two others to help. 

Those include James Anderson who grew up around the grill in East St. Louis and likes to smoke meat with Hickory and Cherry wood. 

"I describe our flavor, as far as, slow, smokey burner to where it’s a slow process," Anderson says. "It’s nothing that we rush. It’s nothing that is fast."

The other partner is Adam Gossett, who puts his input on what southern Illinois staples must make the menu. 

"He’s [Freeman] got a great mind, it’s just we put a little southern flair on it," Gossett adds. 

Johnson says the menu is all about mixing the familiar like mac n’ cheese or pasta salad with his hint of Caribbean spices and flavoring, which creates an unforgettable fusion. 

The trio prepared two dishes for News 3’s Brooke Schlyer. 

The first is grilled, jumbo shrimp with light Caribbean seasoning accompanied by a lobster pasta salad. 

Johnson says the shrimp is grilled to bring out the freshness without over powering it with the seasoning. 

While the creamy pasta salad with diced up lobster adds a contrast of cool to the dish. 

The other dish is Caribbean Hut’s jerk chicken, which is grilled by Anderson with Freeman’s mix of spices. 

Freeman says he’s able to control the heat or kick to the chicken so it’s not too spicy but packs a ton of flavor. 

Brooke’s Pick: 

Although the shrimp is grilled to perfection and a large portion, the jerk chicken is my favorite. It has a smokey flavor with a little bit of spicy that just makes the tip of your tongue tingle a bit! It’s such a unique flavor that you just have to try it yourself! 

For more information on Caribbean Hut, click here

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