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Carbondale approves sale of recreational marijuana

CARBONDALE (WSIL) — Carbondale City Council passes the sale of recreational marijuana by a vote of 6-1.

City leaders voted tonight to approve the rights of people to have marijuana and to build a dispensary within the city limits.

Council members also voted (5-2) to allow a 2-percent sales tax for the sale of recreational marijuana as opposed to the 3-percent tax in Anna, Mt. Vernon, and Williamson County.

Carbondale City Councilmember, Adam Loos said, "I think there is very little doubt about that both because of the nature of our population and because we have been very aggressive in demonstrating our interest in having these types of businesses and because of our lower tax quite honestly." 

Carbondale leaders say they don’t expect to see any dispensaries pop up until September 2020.

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