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Murphysboro parents look for activities for kids during teachers’ strike

MURPHYSBORO (WSIL) — Parents in Murphysboro are looking for things to keep their children busy as the Murphysboro teachers’ strike continues. Thursday will be the sixth day with no classes.

Parent, Liv Bailey, says she supports the teachers striking for higher pay. She says, while rearranging schedules can be difficult, she believes the teachers deserve what they are asking for.

"If it does goes on, which we’re hoping that the teachers get what they want and we can go back to school, but, I’ll just keep taking my kid to do what — that way he’s in the community with his other friends, other kids so he’s not sitting at home," said Bailey. "They were my teachers when I was in school and they should have been making what they’re making (now) when I was in school." 

Bailey took her son to the Murphysboro Park District for the Adler Planetarium Road Trip program, a hands-on educational session that was to take place at the Middle School. She said when she has to work, her mother can help watch her son, or he spends the time with his father, but not all parents have the flexibility to rearrange their schedule.

Parent of a fourth grader, Jade Anderson, said the strike is confusing for parents and kids alike. She works at Hucks in downtown Murphysboro and said she has seen an increase in snack sales.  She said she and others are ready for the kids to get back to school.

"It’s just been rough, I mean, just not knowing what’s going on and every night waiting for a call that sometimes comes at 9:30 at night — the other night, I think it was, and knowing at the last minute, okay, now they don’t have school again, what will I do for tomorrow?’" said Anderson, adding that several parents have volunteered to watch children, and it helps.

Her son has been spending the time with her at work, "Every day he rides his bike up here to see me at work a couple times just to keep him occupied and maybe interact with some other kids while he’s up here, or go to the library. But, it has been rough because he’s just confused about everything and he wants to go back to school."

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