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The WSIL Weather Academy heads to Herrin Elementary

HERRIN (WSIL) — The Weather Academy made a stop in Herrin, to teach to nearly 700 elementary students about basic weather concepts with fun demonstrations.

Fourth Grade teacher, Makennah Johnston, says, "I loved the weather academy it was so cool for our kids to see experiments.and hands on activities that you can’t always see in the classroom like with dry ice and different cool things like that. Our kids really like that live action, getting to see it right there in their face in front of them."

Second through fifth grade students at Herrin Elementary learned a little extra about a subject they’re already studying in class.

Fourth Grade Teacher, Savana Jones, explains, "We have a morning weather watcher when we do our calendar time and so they’re kind of like our meteorologist for the day and they get to do that throughout the week and they really like it. They normally tell us what the temperature is like outside and if it’s going to be sunny, if it’s going to be cloudy, that sort of thing."

Fifth Grader, Asher Barlage, loves science enough to make it a career, "I’m going to probably create my own private space program someday. I bet humanity is just waiting to go to the moon and even further like Mars."

Jones elaborates, "They’ve added before in their life but there’s not a lot of times they come home and they create a cloud or they do whatever like they did today."

Next week the Weather Academy takes us to Jefferson County with a visit to McClellan Elementary School.

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