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Now is the time to have your furnace checked

WEST FRANKFORT (WSIL) — Robert Petro is a service manager with Pass One Hour and has done his fair share of furnace tune-ups.

Petro says checkups can catch a number of serious problems that build up over time, "Making sure there’s no gas leaks, it’s going to burn properly inside the heat exchanger. There’s no bad byproducts from combustion, carbon monoxide, or anything like that."

But your furnace is just a part of the equation that keeps you warm, technicians also recommend checking your duct work.

Yaser Naser, a Maintenance Technician with Pass One Hour, says it can improve your homes efficiency, "Being a duct work specialist, I go under every house and make sure their duct work is not leaking and make sure they’re not heating or cooling their crawlspaces," Naser said. 

Petro says a furnace check can provide peace of mind when the weather gets cold.

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