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Bost speaks out on impeachment inquiry and Syria

MARION (WSIL) — As the impeachment inquiry continues in Washington D.C., Republican U.S. Congressman Mike Bost (IL-12) is weighing in on the proceedings.

The congressman questions whether the impeachment inquiry is constitutional. He contends the House is required to vote on whether to conduct an inquiry, rather than Speaker Nancy Pelosi deciding the matter. 

Representative Bost talked with News 3’s Mark Kiesling in Marion, "The Speaker is not the House. The House is 437 members duly elected from each of the districts they represent, each of those districts in each state and that is called for a vote to make that decision to move forward. The speaker and a group of cronies cannot and should not be able to move forward."

Congressman Bost said past practice also dictates that the entire House vote before beginning an impeachment inquiry. He says up to this point in time, he has not seen any evidence that would convince him to vote in favor of an inquiry.

The congressman from Murphysboro also weighed in on President Trump’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria. Bost serves on the Veterans Affairs committee and is a supporter of President Trump. But, even he disagrees with the president on the withdrawal.

He says it sends the wrong message to our allies and may allow ISIS to regroup and become a terror threat again, "How do we want this to play out in the long run and does that all of a sudden get filled with someone who starts planning the next 9/11 attack? I’d rather fight them in the sands over there than fight them in the streets of southern Illinois or any place else in this nation."

Congressman Bost also acknowledged he is donating nearly $2,400 in funding received from the political action committee, Protect the House.

This, after it was revealed Friday that one of the two Russian men arrested Tuesday for a campaign finance scheme gave money to that Republican political action committee which is aimed at helping GOP candidates stay in office.

The PAC then distributed the money, obtained form Igor Fruman, to 60 Republican congressmen including Bost.

Congressman Bost said he was not aware of the original source of that money until late Friday afternoon.

He’s decided to donate those funds to charity with his gift going to the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Illinois.

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